Today Matters (Mastermind)



This mastermind is ideal for people working on improving their lifestyle and ensuring the most important things don’t get compromised.

This 6 sessions mastermind will focus on the following areas:

  1. Attitude that gives me possibilities
  2. Priorities gives me focus
  3. Health gives me strength
  4. Family gives me stability
  5. Thinking gives me an advantage
  6. Commitment gives me tenacity
  7. Finances gives me options
  8. Faith gives me peace
  9. Relationships gives me fulfillment
  10. Generosity gives me significance
  11. Values gives me direction
  12. Growth gives me potential

Those who will complete the mastermind will get an e-certificate.

(Participants need to have a copy of the book. Get a copy from your local bookstore or via Kindle at or download a free audiobook through Audible trial at


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