E-Commerce Strategies

My E-Commerce experience began in 1995 when I got my first speaking, writing, and consulting gig online.

In 1997, I formed the Philippine Internet Commerce Society and successfully lobbied for the passage of the Y2K Law and E-Commerce Law in 2000. I also put up my first online bookstore (ITCC) selling locally written books in 1997 but eventually stopped due to overseas delivery and online payment challenges.

In 1999, I put up an e-commerce resource blog site, DigitalFilipino.com. This became my primary e-commerce platform in expressing my opinionated views and on numerous goal-oriented experiments including selling books, research reports, club membership, conference tickets, among others.

My e-commerce advocacy also got me involved in helping the government craft the Philippines E-Commerce Roadmap and participate in initiatives, projects, programs helping in its adoption.

I actively monitor and research e-commerce developments and improvements in the areas of internet access, e-government, e-banking, e-payment, tax system, consumer protection, logistics, infrastructure, innovation, investment, information flow, data privacy, cybersecurity, intellectual capital, and integration.

I include my findings in our e-commerce research debriefing, public speaking opportunities, and various training programs.

I create purposeful educational content to help meet the needs of professionals who would like to venture into e-commerce. Using it in business, for business, or as a business.

To keep myself updated, I am active in doing experiments and continuously study. Recently, I completed “Mastering Business Models” and “Mastering Value Propositions” from Strategyzer (where its founders are known for the books “Business Model Generation” and “Value Proposition Design“.

Today, I actively help Filipinos get into e-commerce through the following:

Customized E-Commerce Training Programs

I work with government agencies and organizations in developing e-commerce programs, training trainers, and conduct e-commerce training to benefit their constituent and stakeholders.

Watch E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Mentoring Program for MSMEs & Freelancers

A learning series conducted by Janette Toral – e-commerce advocate, digital influencer, digital leader.


DigitalFilipino: An E-Commerce Guide for the eFilipino

Published in 2000, this book project was the main reason DigitalFilipino.com came to life. It was the first e-commerce book self-published in the Philippines.Read it online. »

DigitalFilipino: E-Commerce Workshop E-Book

Published in 2004, this started as an e-book in 2003 where 3000 individuals subscribed to gain access to its content. Later on, I approached Mc-Graw Hill Education Asia to help me publish it. This was the first Filipino book published by the said entity.Read it online. »

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