No Limits: The Capacity Challenge


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The No Limits: Blow the CAP Off Your Capacity 10-session online mastermind is ideal for people currently on a personal journey towards achieving personal mastery, anticipating opportunities, leading change. We will tackle:

  • Do you know what is limiting you?
  • Blow off the caps that limit your life
  • Abilities
    • Energy capacity
    • Emotional capacity
    • Thinking capacity
    • People capacity
    • Creative capacity
    • Production capacity
    • Leadership capacity
  • Choices
    • Responsibility capacity
    • Character capacity
    • Abundance capacity
    • Discipline capacity
    • Intentionality capacity
    • Attitude capacity
    • Risk capacity
    • Spiritual capacity
    • Growth capacity
    • Partnership capacity

Those who will be able to complete the mastermind will get an e-certificate.


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