Developing the Leaders Within You 2.0 (Mastermind)



This 5-session online mastermind is ideal for people currently on a personal journey towards improving their leadership. It will tackle:

  • The Definition of Leadership: Influence
  • The Key to Leadership: Priorities
  • The Foundation of Leadership: Character
  • The Ultimate Test of Leadership: Creating Positive Change
  • The Quickest Way to Gain Leadership: Problem Solving
  • The Extra Plus in Leadership: Attitude
  • The Heart of Leadership: Serving People
  • The Indispensable Quality of Leadership: Vision
  • The Price Tag of Leadership: Self-Discipline
  • The Expansion of Leadership: Personal Growth

Those who will be able to complete the mastermind will get an e-certificate.

(Participants need to have a copy of the book. Get a copy from your local bookstore or via Kindle at or download a free audiobook through Audible trial at


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