Forming the Maxwell Speakers Club International – Philippines

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Forming the Maxwell Speakers Club International – Philippines

I consider John Maxwell as one of the best storytellers in the world and often get inspiration from him as a public speaker.

This encouraged me to launch the Maxwell Speakers Club – to form a community focused on helping members improve in communicating and connecting effectively.

To grow and improve your speaking skills requires constant exposure from emerging storytellers. The new ideas gained makes you realize events that happened in your past. Develop and utilize them to help communicate and connect a point much better.

That is a great benefit I have experienced since the Maxwell Speakers Club launch last May 26, 2018.


Maxwell Speakers Club meeting last June 2, 2018It was fun and inspired by the stories shared by members and guests. Thrilled to see participants coming out of their shell and give a quick talk for the first time too.

Joining the Maxwell Speakers Club has many benefits including:

  1. Watch exclusive John Maxwell live presentation and extract lessons.
  2. Experiential learning through prepared and impromptu speeches, live feedback, and critiques.
  3. Practical topics and assignments.
  4. Participation in World Speaking Competitions

Every meeting has one lesson discussed and members give impromptu speeches based on the task for that lesson.

As each lesson has 1 to 4 speaking tasks, we start our session giving speeches in addition to the previous week tasks.

What I like about small groups meeting like this one is friendship gets build over time. Every speaker has the opportunity to get as much feedback from peers.

As your facilitator, I will guide you through practical exercises to help you master your communication and become a better speaker. Send me a private message should you like to join our upcoming meeting.

Monthly membership fee is at one thousand pesos or US$19.97. Guests can attend one-time at P300.

Check out more Maxwell Speakers Club meeting photos here.

(Janette Toral is an Independent Executive Director, Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer with The John Maxwell Team.)

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