Author - Janette Toral

Enabling 100,000 MSMEs to do E-Commerce

How do you reach the Philippines E-Commerce Roadmap 2016-2020 target of 100,000 DTI or SEC registered micro and small medium enterprises (MSMEs) doing e-commerce by 2020? How can MSMEs be enabled with the skill and resources to sell their products and services online ----- whether through marketplaces or their own websites? Achilles Reyes [...]

E-Commerce in the Philippines at 9.3% of GDP The latest "E-Commerce Monthly Monitor" free webinar series (join here) shared an optimistic e-commerce activity trend as of its June 26, 2017 presentation. The webinar has 3 parts including: E-Commerce Intensity Index - focused on B2B transactions. E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard - focused on B2C transactions. E-Commerce Industry Update - focused on discussing updates tracking [...]

Misrepresentation? A look at OLX vs. MyBenta legal threat

I received a question lately from several online contacts in relation to's open email to RJ David's warning and legal threat composed by its founder - Emmanuel Rey Mariano. The questions  center on  - "Can a competing classified ad website send an email or text message to OLX [...]

Are job sites dying?

According to a Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) article, data from the World Bank indicate that only 25 per cent or 250,000 of the 1.1 million potential entrants to the Philippine labor force each year find jobs. Online job portals like Jobstreet, JobsDB,, and Monster play [...]