E-Commerce in the Philippines at 9.3% of GDP

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E-Commerce in the Philippines at 9.3% of GDP

The latest “E-Commerce Monthly Monitor” free webinar series (join here) shared an optimistic e-commerce activity trend as of its June 26, 2017 presentation. The webinar has 3 parts including:

  • E-Commerce Intensity Index – focused on B2B transactions.
  • E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard – focused on B2C transactions.
  • E-Commerce Industry Update – focused on discussing updates tracking pending deliverables in the Philippines E-Commerce Roadmap.

E-Commerce Intensity Index

Volume of e-transactions in surveyed companies is growing at 61% as of May 2017 for e-commerce enabled purchases while 54% for revenues. This is a composite figure including manufacturing, retail and wholesale, and services categories.

Under the 3, the following are the active sectors (not according to order):

  • Real estate
  • BPO / IT Solutions
  • Healthcare services
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Freight
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Chemical products
  • Machinery & Appliances
  • Electrical equipment & components
  • Agricultural products & feeds
  • Snacks and sweets

We only gather data from top 10,000 corporations in the Philippines where there is basis for computing its revenues. Based on data we got, we estimate that e-commerce volume in the Philippines is already at 9.3% of our country’s Gross Domestic Product.

With the Philippines E-Commerce Roadmap 2016-2020 target hitting 25% of GDP, we will actively report and track e-commerce initiatives.

E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard

The E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard covers both face-to-face and online surveys looking into Internet users. Highlights include:

  • Internet usage frequency at 7 hours per day.
  • Online purchasing influence at 52%.
  • Extent of monthly purchases done online at 24%.
  • Online payments activity (including bills payments) done monthly at 24%.
  • Estimated volume of purchase in 2017 at P730 billion.

E-Commerce Monthly Monitor

Starting May 2017, we’ve been having our “E-Commerce Monthly Monitor” free webinar series (join here) presenting a summary view of our latest data findings. The briefings usually include:

  • Growth data from August 2013 to the present.
  • E-Commerce Purchasing / Revenue Activity in Manufacturing, Retail / Wholesale / Services sectors
  • Online Banking / Payments Activity in Manufacturing, Retail / Wholesale / Services sectors
  • E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard sharing how the Internet has influence purchasing decisions of users, payment platforms used, among others.

We are sustaining this through report purchase and subscription. Companies purchasing the report will get the above and deeper analysis on the month’s report including:

  • Percentage breakdown of active sectors.
  • E-commerce activity volume by number of employees, export / import activity, local / national activity.
  • How the Internet influences the person’s purchasing patterns

A copy of the E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard is also provided that covers:

  • Internet usage frequency
  • Online purchasing activity.
  • Online payments activity (including bills payments)
  • Perception of government, industry, self-readiness on e-commerce.
  • Estimated volume of purchases

Companies interested in purchasing the latest report can do it here.

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