Develop Selling Style, Influence of Filipino Salespersons

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Develop Selling Style, Influence of Filipino Salespersons

Salesperson Profile based on the Sales Leader Impact Report by Janette Toral

Sales professionals, like business owners, want to get clients, generate sales, reach quota, and have a comfortable life.

With so many sales rep pitching their products or service, a sale may not necessarily go to the person with the best pitch but to a salesperson, a prospect may be most comfortable with.

Sometimes it can be difficult to build rapport and understand what is important to the prospect. How to handle their questions and what are they not saying during the conversation.

This leaves you frustrated wondering why the sale did not push through even if you had a prior agreement.

Or losing it to another salesperson, with the same or similar product as yours, even if you gave what is needed.

Salespersons, more than just selling, are in this profession to serve and help customers meet a need. Getting people to benefit from your service, help improve their lives, brings fulfillment.

But during the selling stage, we also tend to fail to communicate how we can add value to our prospects and customers.

We are all salespersons

Like many, I got into sales at a very young age with limited sales skills. From face-to-face selling snacks in school, tutorial services, direct selling of various products, food for employees, computers, software, I.T. service, consulting, among others.

In the online world, I have been selling article writing services, books, research reports, research services, training, blog campaigns, online advertising, affiliate marketing campaigns, among others.

I had my share of “no thank you”, “seen-zone”, and “maybe next time”. Including customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction complaints.

This made me realize that more than just sales knowledge, you need to learn how people think and feel when they receive a sales offer. How to adjust your communication with prospects and customers depending on their concerns.

Profiling Salespersons

This year, I started working on the Maxwell Method of Selling sales training program. It is meant to develop the leadership influence of salespersons in alignment with the teachings of the world’s number one leadership guru, John C. Maxwell.

As an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, I can facilitate the Fundamentals of Selling workshop, Sales Training Boot Camp Level One, Sales Training Boot Camp Level Two for one-on-one online salesperson training, public classes, and corporate sales team training. Real-world experiences from the salesperson’s encounters are discussed.

Prior to the start of training, I ask participants to take the Sales Impact Report assessment.

The Sales Impact Report will give you an assessment of your selling style. Your selling strengths and challenges. Including pointers on how you can improve.

Neutralize Your Challenges

I review the assessment results with the participant. I will also give pointers on how to read your customer’s behavior style and how to adjust. This can help the salesperson also plan their approach to be effective when connecting to their customers and prospects.

There are also tasks that the salesperson needs to reflect and answer. Coaching conversations or sales team coaching will be carried out to monitor the progress. Follow-up coaching sessions can also be arranged.

An important activity during the debriefing is the plan of action to be taken by the salesperson to neutralize their biggest challenges. If they will proceed in taking the Fundamentals of Selling workshop, Sales Training Boot Camp Level One, Sales Training Boot Camp Level Two, this will help on how to customize my recommendations based on the participant’s selling style.

Equipping Sales Managers to Develop Salespersons

For Sales Leaders, I ask them to take the Sales Leader Impact Report. This will give you sales strategies pointers on how you can capitalize on your team’s selling strengths. Knowing it is one thing, taking action is another. This sales manager can also work with the sales team to overcome their challenges using sales coaching methods that will work best on them.

Do you know your Selling Style and Customer’s Buying Style?

Salespersons don’t have to keep on guessing how to approach a sales call or meeting. Arm yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to best communicate with prospects and customers.

Transform from a salesperson confused on why you are closing fewer deals to an effective sales rep meeting bottom-line targets.

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