Personal Value & Principle: Accomplishment & Success

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Personal Value & Principle: Accomplishment & Success

What have I accomplished today? this month? this year? Am I on track? What do I need to do to catch up?

Have I succeeded in validating my hypotheses and tests? Have I failed? What should I let go and stop doing? What must I start doing?

These are questions I ponder on especially whenever I get off-track or distracted or uncertain.

Accomplishment and success are important to me. When, my personal blog started in 1999, it was my experimental playground as I tried to do many things to satisfy my curiosity. This includes:

  • Published e-commerce and blogging books
  • Published research reports
  • Published Internet history documentary
  • Formed an e-commerce club and get crowdfunding support.
  • Formed a blogging network
  • Published e-learning training content online.
  • Help MSMEs and Professionals improve their brand and become more fascinating.
  • Become an e-commerce, digital marketing, freelancing, leadership lead trainer.
  • Develop e-commerce, digital marketing, freelancing, leadership education program.
  • Become a mentor or coach to my peers and students.
  • Put up a Speakers Club.
  • among other things

More importantly, what do they mean? Did it benefit others?

  • Did the books helped a person in their e-commerce and blogging adventures?
  • Did our research reports helped a decision maker in their business?
  • Did the documentary helped a student get through their thesis requirements?
  • Did the club / Patreon membership perks helped a member in their personal development?
  • Did our blogging network opened opportunities for bloggers to get more gigs?
  • Did our free e-commerce, digital marketing, freelancing learning modules helped a person learn more and become better in their job or what they are into?
  • Has it helped a person improved their personal brand and embrace what makes fascinating?
  • Has our e-commerce, digital marketing, freelancing, leadership training programs benefitted trainers and participants (exposed them to business opportunities and new income)?
  • Has our Speakers Club helped members improve their connecting skills?
  • among others

Being able to do the above has given me a sense of personal accomplishment. But I also had to let them go and must constantly strive to try out new things – to improve further. Especially in the field I am in where what worked in the past may not be a case anymore in the present and future.

So yes, I celebrate our modest accomplishments and success. Thank God, my family, peers, and everyone who made them possible.

Reflect often, think about how far can I go, and focus to make them happen.

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