13 SEO Tips to Rank in Philippines Search Results

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13 SEO Tips to Rank in Philippines Search Results

Business owners want their website to appear in search results to generate leads and sales income. I am updating my sites such as JanetteToral.com, DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Resource site, Certified E-Commerce Professional Program, and Certified Digital Marketing Professional Program, to improve search volume traffic to the site and long-term effectiveness.

One of the objectives is to rank higher on the search results page as your post, image, and page SEO gets carried out.



Working on SEO problem areas

The site’s search engine ranking won’t hold up without adequate time spent keeping it updated and relevant. This includes regularly conducting an SEO audit. Especially if the site has been moving from one theme to another, one web hosting to another, HTTP to HTTPS, among others. Find out how the sites are doing.

Like in the above image example, it reflects this site that I only started paying attention to this year. I need to develop SEO strategies, work on fixes, and opportunities. If you are in the same boat with me, here are some SEO tips to help:

1. Load speed

Your website may appear to be loading properly on desktop but when accessed by others, the performance is lagging. Google now has a mobile-first index policy.

You can use tools like GTMetrix for this purpose in assessing and improving your site performance. They also have a plugin for WordPress that you can use as a guide for improvement.

2. Title tags

An item I often get in audits is the need to reduce the title tag length especially if it is more than 60 characters.

3. Text content on articles

Articles and pages that rank in search results are those with high-quality content. Creating a significant piece of content can partly help manage your code to text ratio. This in addition to improving your code.

4. Meta descriptions on pages, post, and images

Make sure it is unique for every page and image. Usually, this takes a big backlog if not done early.

5. Broken links

Check your old articles if it points to sites that are no longer existent or may have been infected by malware. Linking to sites especially those that are non-existent or not credible can also pull down the ranking of your site.

6. Tracking site visibility on keywords desired

Ranking on keywords you desire is two-fold. First, you need to have high-quality content that you can optimize to rank for it.

Second, there should be traffic interest for those keywords. Otherwise, you don’t want to rank for content that no one has interest in. Regularly doing keyword research can be a big help.

7. Pages not optimized

These usually refer to category pages, old blog posts, auto-generated pages. If they are relevant, you can improve them using targeted keywords. For auto-generated pages, you can also opt to unpublish or delete them if not used.

8. Social media channel performance

Is your follower, reach, engagement count, increasing or decreasing? How do you compare to similar social media accounts or competition?

9. Brand mentions

Does your brand gets mentioned in 3rd party articles or social media post? Respond and express your appreciation.

10. Removing toxic domain links

Your SEO Audit will show you sites that link back to your site. This can also include domains or sites that are considered as spam or toxic. You can compile them and submit them for disavowing through your Google Search Console.

11. Link building opportunities

An effective way to gain website authority and improved search rankings are by getting links and mentions from credible websites. The newer they are, the better. The more authentic they are, the better.

You also need to link to important pages within your site. This is often referred to as internal linking. For example, here are some SEO related writings on this site.

12. Organic traffic analysis

I use 3rd party SEO tools to further understand my search traffic. By default, your Google Analytics gives you little info on what search queries were used to find your site. Not knowing this makes it difficult to analyze my site’s organic search performance.

Using tools that allow me to see what they are and on what articles give a lot of help in analyzing site performance.

13. Content analysis

When you have hundreds of pages on your site, deciding which one to prioritize for fixing, in addition to creating new ones, can be a challenge.

Tools that can analyze your site content and give suggestions is a big help. SEO Yoast and SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant are my favorite.

SEO is a high priority

The use of an audit tool though is not enough.

More than just knowing what to work on, knowing how to do it, and making time for it usually affects progress. This is where working with a 3rd party that understands SEO can help.

In my case, I have 3 people whom I tapped regularly to give advice and help whenever I am scheduled to analyze my site.

Depending on how big your vision is for your business, the amount of work required for your website will be growing. Updating it is a continuous process.

If done well, you can be found online and benefit from the opportunity.

Join our community – SEO Training and Consulting

There are many tools and resources to help you. On our end, you can start your learning journey by joining our FREE Search Influencer Boot Camp.

If you have a website and need help in getting it SEO audited, you can join our community to avail this on a monthly basis. I will also give you an SEO template action plan.

What I have on my sites and search visibility enjoyed as a result of efforts made for the past 20 years. Now I have to plan and build for the next 20 years of my sites. I also want you to have a long-term vision for your site.

Don’t waste the opportunity to be found online.

Take charge by being able to assess and work on your website’s search visibility. Grab the opportunity to generate leads and revenue for your business.

Transform from a site owner, at lost on why your website is not appearing on search results, to someone capable to assess and improve.

P.S. I want to thank participants who joined our Search Influencer Boot Camp Pasig and Davao. I hope to conduct this learning session in more areas soon. Contact me if you need help with your SEO efforts.


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