Developing Entrepreneurs & Youth as Leaders

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Developing Entrepreneurs & Youth as Leaders

Last year, I took the leap of becoming part of The John Maxwell Team as a Certified Teacher, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. This year, I also became a Leadership Game and YouthMax Plus Facilitator, and Independent Executive Director.

Some of the things I do include:

  • Run mastermind study groups on selected books authored by John Maxwell.
  • Deliver leadership talks and conduct seminars aligned with John Maxwell teachings.
  • Coach individuals to help them attain their personal goals in a balanced way.
  • Facilitate The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game. I use the game as a tool to foster discussion and insights sharing on leadership among players.
  • As a Certified Facilitator of YouthMax Plus, I run leadership training programs designed for the youth to help build their personal character, handle failures, and set goals in their lives.
  • As an Independent Executive Director, I facilitate and teach the Maxwell Method of Leadership, Sales, Coaching, Speaking, Impact Reports.
  • Facilitate the Maxwell Speakers Club helping leaders and speakers develop their skills through the Maxwell Method of Speaking.

My goals this 2018-2019 in this area includes:

I want to achieve the above targets as I see the need and opportunity for it especially in the countryside. In my recent engagements, I felt the need as well for interaction and exchange of insights on leadership where one will not be judge for their views.

Adding leadership deepens my audience engagement as an e-commerce and digital marketing trainer. Care and recognize that my students are individuals with aspirations, worries, and own definition of success in life.

Connecting leadership insights to e-commerce and digital marketing tactics adds depth, providing rationale, on why things have to be done in a certain way especially when connecting to your target market and in keeping oneself focused.

Reaching my goals in this space will allow me to empower more people.

My Leadership Beliefs

I am passionate in helping MSMEs and individuals to learn and succeed in their e-commerce, digital marketing, and freelancer ventures. Fall outs are usually a result of difficulty in coping with deliverables and peer relationships to make it all work. But it is not about technical difficulty – bottomline – it is personal leadership.

Will tap into my experience in providing guidance and create opportunities to help learners succeed in this space. To get started, I invested in gifts to everyone wanting to develop their personal leadership through our free online leadership education.

There are many leadership experts out there and have learned a lot from them. I most resonate with John Maxwell and applied his teachings in my life – even at toughest situations. So when my time came to teach and coach others, I decided to align with him and got certified. It is my commitment to those who will approach me for leadership knowledge and insights.

I value servant leadership, integrity, and humility. Although I am always a work-in-progress and often observe to learn from other people’s leadership insights.

I am process-oriented in my approach rather than freestyle. This makes me cautious to ensure that learning goals are met rather than just winging it. I actively listen and adjust when there are participants who are quite advance already.

I value quality over quantity. Regardless of participant numbers, my energy and commitment  does not waver as the opportunity to share  insights gives me a natural high.

Working with Leaders

Given my sharing above, you can benefit from me through:

  • Flexibility of program offerings that can be carried out anywhere online or face-to-face.
  • Helping individuals who are also aspiring to become part of The John Maxwell Team.
  • Clarity on leadership mindset alignment.
  • Partnership opportunities in the conduct of John Maxwell Team programs for your organization or school.
  • Facilitation of the Leadership Game – fostering leadership discussion in your school / organization.

I can be reached through Facebook Private Message for inquiries in relation to this post.

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