Individual Ticket for How to Fascinate® Training



I will deliver a 2-part session exploring the Fascination Advantage® of each individual and develop their personality brand – Fascination Anthem. A participant would leave with a basic understanding of how to use these tools in their work and with each other. In this high-energy session, participants will be engaged in an interactive and engaging presentation.

  • Apply their Fascination Advantage® to influence others and communicate at their best.  
  • Leverage their Advantages and create a personal brand that stands out through their differences.  
  • Learn about their communication ‘red flags’ and how they could be turning people off.  
  • Describe their value in 2-3 words by creating an Anthem; also known as a personality tagline.

Schedule an online session and I’ll help you increase your business, rise above the competition, and become intensely valuable to those who matter most.

Fascination Advantage®, Discover How The World Sees You®, and How To Fascinate® are registered trademarks of How To Fascinate and/or Sally Hogshead. Each of the 7 Fascination Advantages and the 49 Fascination Advantage® Archetypes are trademarks of How To Fascinate and/or Sally Hogshead. All other trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.


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