Fundamentals of Selling – Individual




Sales skill for every leader.

When it comes to selling, how you show up in the eyes of the buyer is one of the most important

Things you can master. This workshop breaks down the fundamental skills that will help

you improve your sales results. We will cover:

  •         The BASICS OF SELLING, including the sales process, key terminology and effective approaches to selling.
  •        How to prepare for SALES CONVERSATIONS.
  •        How to ESTABLISH RAPPORT by asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS.
  •        Mastering your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP).
  •        Perfecting your SALES PITCH.
  •        CLOSING STRATEGIES to create a win-win for you and the buyer.

Upon completion of this training, the participant will receive a certificate.


This training is conducted online via webinar equivalent to 4 sessions.


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