Coaching for Leaders Skills Transition




Coaching is fundamental to your success as a leader, employer, director or manager. This program will help you tap into your natural coaching abilities so you can help others live and work to their full potential. This interactive six-week program covers:

  • Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders
  • Curiosity and the Power of Coaching Questions
  • How to Instantly Build Rapport and Connect
  • Being Present and Intentional Listening
  • Observation, Demonstration and Participation in a Live Coaching Experience

360-Degree Coaching Experience

Through observational learning and practical application, you will experience coaching from the perspective of every participant in the coaching conversation.

Learn the Proven Coaching Model that Works

Coaching is not telling or teaching. You will discover how to use a proven coaching model to help your clients, staff or team create their own results.

Interactive Sessions and Live Participation

To help you get the most from the workshop, two sessions are set aside so participants can take turns being the coach, the client and the observer.

I am an Executive Director and Certified Coach with The John Maxwell Team authorized to facilitate and conduct this training.

Upon completion of this training, participants will receive a certificate. Training fee is P40,000 per head. This is a six-sessions online and/or face-to-face coach training program. I also give 10 complimentary online coaching sessions for participants.


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