Is it time to be bullish on e-commerce in the Philippines?

Is it time to be bullish on e-commerce in the Philippines?

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  • July 10, 2014

Janette Toral got interviewed in this Huffington Post article along with Inanc Balci (Lazada Philippines), Mon Lizardo (ABS-CBN), Scott E. Bales (Mobile Ready), Donald Lim (ABS-CBN), Timothy Go (A-Solutions), Robertson Chiang (Dragonpay), Nix Nolledo (Hatchd), Jojy Azurin (, Jack Madrid (Lovable Commerce), Jon Santico (701 Search), Me-Anne Bundalian (OLX Philippines).

Janette Toral of Digital Filipino and one of the most active e-commerce advocates in the Philippines thinks that “most of the factors are already in place especially with the upholding of the Cybercrime Law that can further secure our e-commerce space in the country.”

However, she believes that there are several things that needed to be improved such as: “better internet infrastructure, simplified tax registration-filing-payment-reporting-correction system that is less bureaucratic to lessen issue on non-compliance”.

Other factors which she sees that could use some improvement include “making it mandatory for banks to offer affordable inter-bank fund transfer services to make it easier for buyers and sellers pay each other without being reliant on manual or third-party bank deposit services, credit cards and the likes”.