Synthesis of the 1st Future of Media Conference #FutureMediaPH

Synthesis of the 1st Future of Media Conference #FutureMediaPH

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  • April 29, 2014

I was a panelist in the Digital Marketing Panel of the 1st Future of Media conference event organized by BlogWatch. With me in the panel then were Carlo Ople, Rosario Juan, Yves Gonzalez, and Tim Yap.

Here were some of the notes I prepared for it.

Online media plays an important part in my life. Published my writings through magazines back in 1995, this Sun.Star column since 2003 which can be read by anyone online, and through my sites or blogs allowed me to pursue my passion in the field of e-commerce.

Sharing what I know through writings, webinars, and face-to-face events were all part of my e-commerce and digital marketing experience. Was able to get clients, suppliers, partners, and form my inner circle.

Some of the challenges I faced include:

Clear accountability of service providers. At this time, I am worried, my webhosting provider since 2003, Implix who created, experienced a massive distributed denial of service attack. As a result, my site – was not accessible for more than a week.

I was not sure how soon will they be able to recover but I am unable to change the configuration of my site’s domain name settings. But if they won’t recover soon and decide not to reply anymore, what can I do about it? Who do I contact to discuss this?

As service providers can be global serving clients in different countries, in challenging times, that is when you realize that there should be regulator you can turn to on situations like this.

Data privacy, Internet services, consumer advocacy.

As marketers collect more information from the consumer, how do we ensure that we can advocate for our rights and progressive action will be taken as a result. This includes investigating and lodge complaints as necessary if we are unsatisfied with the quality of Internet services rendered to us.

Assuming all is possible and affordable, tech and media can enable everyone to become content publishers, educators, and service provider.

In my line of work, I hope processes will be available as well where we can go through individual accreditation, recognized internationally. Local governments and regulators should recognize that we have already reach the stage of individual empowerment. Don’t get locked in the corporate thinking space only.