Digital Influencer Marketing Program now open

Digital Influencer Marketing Program now open

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  • March 14, 2017

After 9 monthly free webinars under the Digital Influencer Project, I am finally launching our “Digital Influencer Marketing Program” taking a mentoring approach.

This is a comprehensive branding and digital marketing mentoring program designed for influencers, brands, and teams. It is comprised of 4 modules including:

Module 1: Build an Influencer Brand

  • Apply your Fascination Advantage® to influence others and communicate at your best.
  • Leverage your Advantages and create a personal brand that stands out through their differences.
  • Learn about your communication `red flags` and how they could be turning people off.
  • Describe your value in 2-3 words by creating an Anthem; also known as a personality tagline.

Module 2: Influencer Messaging Strategy

  • Create a Personal Fascinating Brand Action Plan
  • Create an Online Presence to Communicate your Brand
  • Create a Blog Content Plan to Add Value to Build Following
  • Create a Social Media Content Plan to Add Value to Build Following

Module 3: Build an Influencer Team

  • Create a Fascinating Team (Employees or Advocates or Ambassadors)
  • Identify your Team Advantage
  • Team Heat Map
  • Peak Performance
  • Your Fascinating Brand Action Plan
  • Insights

Module 4: Build Market Influence

  • Attracting Clients and Customers
  • Your Communication Loopholes
  • Adjusting your Communication Approach
  • Sustaining Market Influence

This program is mentoring in design. Although we also organize meet-up learning sessions in relation to it, much of the work done is through one-on-one consultation.

Digital Influence vs. Digital Marketing

I have always focused on building digital influence rather than digital marketing in conducting programs. Knowing how you fascinate can help a great deal on your communication approach online.

It can also help you become an effective relationship manager as you will learn how to customize your messaging based on your prospect’s or client’s persona profile or concern.

When this foundation is clear, digital marketing activities become focused and purposeful.

If you need help in learning what makes your brand fascinating and clearly communicate it, join the “Digital Influencer Marketing Program“.