Janette Toral is an e-commerce advocate and digital influencer. She gets invited to share independent insights as an e-commerce consultant, trainer, startup mentor, digital marketing resource, and branding coach in different parts of the country.

Some of her activities are listed here. More can be found on her Facebook Page.

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16 hours ago

Your company’s claimed principles and values ... See more

1 day ago
How to Use Scrum for Content Marketing

A few years ago, I decided to invest in becoming ... See more

Certain Agile concepts and ideas have been part ... See more

4 days ago
UPS said returns would peak early — and they did. But why?

It will be interesting to find out what is the ... See more

UPS shocked the shipping and retailing community ... See more

4 days ago

"Good leadership isn’t about advancing ... See more

5 days ago
Janette C. Toral

Excited in bringing The John Maxwell Team ... See more

For 2019, the John Maxwell Team Leadership Game ... See more

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