My Five Personal Transformation Sequence & Breakthrough Experience with Matthew Brauning


I went through a transformation breakthrough for the past three (3) days and it came at a time when I needed it the most. Least did I expect to go through this experience from entrepreneur, speaker, and book author Matthew Brauning. (check out his book Total Freedom from Addictions)

I’ve been feeling guilty for the past few months for not being able to attend Geoffrey Kwitko’s events (met him at the Adelaide bloggers/social media Christmas get-together), organized under the Adelaide Start-up Club, and promised myself to finally deliver regardless whatever his upcoming event will be. As soon as I returned to Adelaide, the nearest event for me was the Double Your Dollars seminar which turned out to be a 3-days workshop.Here are key learnings that will change me forever:

Solved my inner conflicts

I’ve been through an experience lately when I know I want to let go of something and yet, at some trigger point, I do and feel exactly the opposite. Go through internal struggle and start all over again.

As it turns out, our conscious mind sets the goal but the unconscious mind does the work. If the unconscious mind gets neglected, one will go through a continuous battle with their inner conflicts. This includes understanding repressed memories that suddenly pops-out later in our lives and those that have influenced the decisions or values we have today.

Letting go of negative emotions

All of us have negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt. I went through the process of discovering the root cause and got to know myself better.

Admittedly, the process is something that I have to practice and continue to master. But my brain never felt more calm as it is now.

Feeling 100% motivated in pursuing the future of my design
I always knew the things that I wanted to do. But now I have tools to review my thoughts and decision. I now know how to “undo” my thoughts or decisions about them and discover earlier events that may have influenced it.

Be definite that I want to live and be the cause (100%). Take responsibility and action for what I’ve created.

Trigger creative thinking

I’ve been studying about making thinking a usable skill and was able to apply it in the personal values, business ideas exploration, suggestion handling exercise. I enjoyed that part a lot and hope to try it out in one of our clubactivities soon.

Enjoy life to the fullest

With the accumulated insight that I have gained from people, peers, book authors, experts, and the skill I just gained in the past 3 days, I am certain that I can enjoy life much more.

Thank you Geoffrey, Adelaide Start-up Club, and Matt. (hugs)