Change Maker – 7 Tools for Transformation

One of the best books I have read from Tony Buzan is Embracing Change. It is a great book for those who wants to transform themselves from being a victim of circumstance or change thinker to a change maker.

For those who are already a change maker, the tools and insights shared by Buzan keeps one constantly aware of their patterns and strive for continuous personal improvement. It is intended to assist in enhancing creative abilities, social behavior, and attitude.

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Note that I will tackle these tools in separate posts.

  1. Change Thinking Quotient (CTQ)
    A personal evaluation on what is your attitude and feelings in managing change. You’ll be able to discover if your behavior leans toward as a victim of circumstance, change thinker, or change maker.
  2. Vision & Focus
    Bring about directed and proactive change in your life.
    This is the change process where you improve and learn through trials.
  4. Mind maps
    Learn radiant thinking and use mind maps to reflect, refine, and give life to your vision.
  5. Meta-positive thinking
    Facing positive or challenging situations head-on, look at what can be done, and changed.
  6. Your change masters 
    Role models and mentors as personal agents for change. Their insights and inspiration can help in managing personal change and achieve goals.
  7. Change journal
    Keep one and update it noting if you achieve your aim and assess as well how far you have come.