Blogging Communities: Relevance in the Age of Social Media

The  Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011 writing project process made me reflect on how the Philippines blogging community is evolving. Much has remained the same but there are behaviors emerging or further reinforced. This includes:

Mindmap inspired from the book Brains on Fire


  1. Community leaders will rule

    One’s influence is greatly determined or established by which community he or she belongs to. It doesn’t have to be a numbers game but more of how dependent or attached its members became to it. I certainly love Pinoy Bloggers for its very democratic setting. At the same time, it only allows postings that are meant to benefit the community members at large – rather than be self-serving. Although not all community leaders will be able to muster support for endeavors, but their visibility and attitude has great influence to the members at large.The same can be said to formal communities or organizations where the officers and members have the power to reach out to make their advocacies known. The SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers community have shown through the years that physical location is certainly not a barrier to build a brand and attract like-minded advocates to support.

    Of course, not all groups are visible to the social media eye. There are bloggers who formed secret communities of their own to stay away from usual politics that happens in this space.

    In the end, bloggers who come together find common interest as their binding ground. Once that common interest gets compromised, true colors become evident and can be perceived differently depending on where bloggers stand on issues.

  2. Women bloggers as a force

    This is the first time where majority of the blogs recognized as influential are owned by women. Despite groupings and independence of early female bloggers, the Pinay Mommies Community showed that women, when united and trustful of each other, can lift each other online.

Blogging Ahead from Blogging from Home

Polarization: strength or weakness?

With growing number of groups and influencers in the local blogging community, it is probable that not one blogging group will set the tone. They could participate as a group or as individual in voicing out concerns on issues that will arise in the future.
How far will that go? I think 2012 and 2013 will shed more light, thriving in chaos, with blogging as an activity becomes more mainstream. Especially with traditional media personalities entering this space, such as Move.PH, and decided to be part of the bigger blogging population.


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