It’s not easy being green – What Color is Your Brain?

I just took the brain color quiz and have the following score at this time:

  • a (yellow) = 24
  • b (blue) = 20
  • c (green) = 39
  • d (orange) = 37


(click on image above to see what your brain is like)

I’m more of a green/orange brain kind of person. According to Sheila N. Glazov, author of the book – What Color Is Your Brain?, green brain folks is the often most misunderstood. Furthermore, most guys tend to be green and orange brain while most women are yellow and blue.

Glazov also said that brain colors are ranked according to the following:

  • Comfort color – whichever gets the highest figure is your comfort color. It represents your strength and comfort level.
  • Blending color – this is the second highest and influences your comfort color. Helps you easily shift between the two.
  • Convertible color – third in rank value. This can also exchange position with your blending color or clouded color.
  • Clouded color – lowest in rank value. This is the spark that ignites conflict with yourself and others.

The nice thing about Glazov’s book, What Color Is Your Brain?, is that it helps you understand yourself better and be more considerate when dealing with others.