Change starts from each one of us

Our past actions really has a funny way of catching up with us, positively or negatively. The recent developments happening in our community in the past three months from online chaos, bombings, and call for revolt gives a strong reminder that if we want change, then it must come from each one of us. This includes:

  • If you don’t pay taxes, it makes the government borrow more money to support its projects and run the country. When we don’t pay our taxes, we contribute to the reasons why government schools can’t have better salary for teachers and improve school facilities, and all other pressing problems.
  • Whenever we bribe a police officer or government worker, corruption will not stop. The same can be said when we don’t follow laws.
  • If we don’t vote during elections or only vote for the popular ones without properly scrutinizing their programs, then all the political chaos happening in our country is our own doing.
  • Whenever we disengage ourselves, shrug the the scandals and abuse of authority by those in power, to focus on our urgent need to earn a living, put food on our family’s table, send our kids to school, study to get opportunities later on, among others, and worst, agree whenever they say that we have far more important things to do, then maybe, we really deserve the kind of leadership we have today.

If we want change, it has to start from each one of us.