Embracing your Uniqueness

What makes you different - Digital Leaders

For the past two weeks, I find myself in a situation sharing my point of view about the Cybercrime Law and online taxation. The cybercrime topic was tough as I hardly knew or heard of a private sector publicly that shares the same point of view I have. By focusing on being informative and factual has allowed me to glide through this topic without getting into any heated debate from those who look at the said policy otherwise.

In the case of online taxation, it seems very few are open in sharing their thoughts on the topic for fear of being harassed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue and have been warned repetitively about the risk I am taking.
But I always believe in the element of good faith. That all of us – no matter how different our opinions are – act in good faith.


Our realities are shaped by experiences and what we are exposed to. We just need to accept the fact that we can always learn something new from another person and realize sometimes – that some of what we know all along was right – may also be wrong.
Pursuing such type of humility while mustering courage to take ownership on insights requires balance. But if you learn to embrace early on what makes you different, unique, and interesting for people to listen – the more you can use it to standout and in building relationship with others.
Speaking up on issues is equally important as ignoring or playing on the safe side of things does not resonate well in real life.

Be memorable

I have been speaking in events since 1995 and doing such to pursue my e-commerce advocacy. Through the years, I have met many speakers and most of them I could hardly recall what and how they present.
I noticed, the most memorable speakers are those who are able to give life-changing insights. Those that puts you in a moment of epiphany.
Although there are those who made us laugh and feel good for the moment. But those that stayed on are the most genuine, real, and was able to influence our ideas – one way or another.

Building the Connection

Follow-through is equally important. Few will invite you to connect with them, build relationship gradually, and make them part of your journey. Those who sees you as a hero in the making rather than a person where one can profit from in the future.

Be Real

To build that connection requires being real about who you are. Bloggers have used their blog and social media to share their personal side. There is that temptation to over-project or make yourself larger than life. But then again, I feel it is better to be real and true to who you are.

Use your uniqueness

Who you are is that unique you. It is not perfect. Not everyone will like it. But if you use it to serve or delight others consistently, I am certain that those who were able to resonate and benefit from you will remember, prefer, and recommend you to others.