Fitness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix: Strength building week 2 (1260 minutes)

Unlocked Spitfire badgeFrom April 6 to 15, I was able to log 840 minutes workout time using the Nike Training Club application. Skipped several Get Lean and Get Toned workout choices that I can’t execute without a medicine ball (where a dumbbell won’t fit as a substitute). Look forward returning home this week and be able to do them.

I think it is good to have a fitness vacation of sort to get your body in its proper order and review the physical lifestyle choices you made. In the process, manage withdrawal from the bad food choices and habits you got used to.

For those who are planning to venture on this kind of journey, this is what I realized this past 9 days:

1. Nike Training Club on iPhone is not yet updated with the latest version (except for those in the U.S. and U.K.).

Once update is applied, more bonus workouts will be available.

2. Go out and do something new.

Dragon boat practice and 45 minutes #ntc workoutLast Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be able to join the Powerblades Dragon Boat Club SA come n’ try session at the Aquatic Center, West Lakes Canoe Club at Adelaide.

It was my first time to try paddling on the right side and at a lake setting.


3. Running as endurance and strength benchmark.

Last Sunday, did my first 5k run for 2013 as I joined the Run Adelaide 5k category. Glad to finish in less than an hour.

This was better compared to my two first two runs last year that took me an hour to get it done.

When doing kick-down exercise, I can feel the upper inner thigh muscle soreness.

Run Adelaide 2013Will join runs more actively till I reach the less than 30 minutes mark for a 5k run.Download as well the Nike+ Running application on your smartphone to log and monitor your performance.

Am also excited joining the MILO R2 – APEX Running School from April 29 to July 20. Will work on my goal in doing a 10k run soon.

4. Stretching is important

Essential to incorporate a 15-minute stretching as part of the workout. Found this helpful as I got home after the run.


1. Increased workout time.

I think if you are adamant in getting the Nike Training Club reward badges, there is enough motivation working out longer than usual. Am now working out no less than 90 minutes a day as a result of it.


2. Plank walks are very tough but glad I am able to do this and hope to do more repetition as strength is gained.

Challenges and goals:

1. Diet

No amount of exercise will help if not matched with proper diet. Got used to drinking milk with oats (and a tablespoon of MILO) in the morning. Drinking water during recovery parts of a workout helped me getting used to it again.

2. It takes 90 days

Just realized that the 5500 minutes highest reward badge of Nike may have been computed for a person doing 7-8 hours of workout a week for a total of 90 days.

Fitness is a lifestyle and not a quick fix. So for people like me who don’t lose weight easily, best to look at a bigger picture. Focus on building strength, endurance, and eating properly.

3. Mastering plank and flexible legs

Leah Kim’s yoga workout has the toughest plank routine I have seen to date. There is also the crow pose. Sofia Boutella leg workout requires a lot of flexibility and strength too. Set a goal that I should be able to do these correctly soon.