1 on 1 Yearlong Executive Coaching Program Using the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

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Most executives today have a good intellectual understanding of the various management tools required to lead an organization successfully. Experience has shown that the same behaviors that contribute to initial career success often do not guarantee future leadership success.

This coaching process, therefore, focuses on further developing the “I am successful because of ….” behaviors and reducing the “I am successful despite of..” behaviors. It follows this structure delivered online:

  • Phase 1: Introduction to Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Phase 2: Behavioral Interviews and Assessments
    • Behavioral Interviews with important people around the leader.
    • Global Leadership Assessment 360 (multi-rater objective assessment process)
    • Global Leader of the Future by Marshall Goldsmith
    • Leadership Styles Inventory
  • Phase 3: Determine 1-2 Leadership Growth Areas
  • Phase 4: Stakeholders briefing
  • Phase 5: Leading Change involving Stakeholders
  • Phase 6: Leadership Growth Progress Reviews
  • Phase 7: Leader as Coach

These sessions are mostly delivered online via webinar. Face-to-face meetings can also be scheduled.


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